The Brand
1964 is a classic Barbershop, located in the heart of Chicago, created by friends, Stephen and Mike. The name of the brand refers to the date of filming the famous (and Steve’s and Mike’s favourite) western For a fistful of dollars, directed by Sergio Leone. 1964 was the beginning of Clint Eastwood’s career and the golden age of Spaghetti Westerns. The brand’s voice is cofident,with a sense of humour, honest and a bit nostalgic.
The Customer
1964 Barbershop’s client is a man in his thirties, well-groomed, confident and strong. He appreciates excellent craftsmanship, professionalism and unique atmosphere.
The Concept
When designing the logo, I focused on the combination of modernity and classics. I’ve chosen Fraklin Gothic typeface, which is classy and strong – like a true gentleman. The  web colors refers to classic elegance and timeless items, such as a cowboy hat, leather shoes or a bottle of good whiskey. 1964 Barbershop online appearance was designed to be intuitive and eye-cathing.